Ethical, Sustainable Brands

I know that shopping ethical and sustainable brands can be daunting. And the price tags scare many people away. I know that shopping this way isn’t for everyone, but I challenge those who are willing to shop at Anthropologie, Lululemon, Nike, Free People, the Gap, etc. These brands cost the same (if not less). Why not use your money to support fair wages and a better environment? My first step was to say “no” to fast fashion. The average American throws away 81 pounds of clothes per year! By buying clothes that are made to last and by buying less, I now see my clothes as an investment rather than a fad. I’m off on a trip to Tahiti with my family so I wanted to share with you my go-to ethical and sustainable brands that I made sure to pack!

1. Prana

Women’s and Men’s outdoor, athletic, and everyday wear and swimsuits.

Prana has great quality clothes that can take you from a hike through a waterfall to the office (if your business dress is not too formal). I love their pants for teaching in because they are comfortable all day and move with me as I am constantly bending down with my kindergarteners. Their clothes are excellent for travel. They also have cute, athletic swimsuits and athletic wear, as well as yoga mats and accessories. Their business is focused on ethically made from sustainable fabrics. And they’re having a 40% OFF SALE right now!

Prana Website

2. Krochet Kids Int.

All your cotton basics and knit hats and scarves for men, women, and kids.

This is my go-to brand for t-shirts. They have a wide variety of styles and they are SUPER soft! They also have cute dresses and skirts. Krochet Kids is also the best place I’ve found to look for winter hats, scarves, and headbands. Also check out their super cute stuffed animals.Each piece you receive has been signed by the woman who made it which makes each piece special and unique. You even have the opportunity to write a letter to the woman who made your garment. How cool is that?

Krochet Kids Website



3. Amour Vert

Beautiful everyday wear and formal wear for women.

This brand is a little pricier, but definitely my style. I shop their sales, and have loved each piece I have bought. Amour Vert means “green love,” and they are focused on sustainable clothing (it’s ethical too!) With each purchase of a t-shirt, they plant a tree.

Amour Vert Website


I wish I could share more with you, but my plane is leaving soon.

Happy (clothing) Hunting!


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