Two years ago I was standing in the middle of the aisle in Target that has the “natural” beauty products about to have a meltdown. I was searching for a good shampoo and a good body wash that I could trust. I didn’t want it to have all the nasty chemicals or be tested on animals- which wasn’t too hard to find. But I also wanted it to be good for the earth too.

I was trying to do research on my phone in the middle of Target, and I was so discouraged to find articles telling me that brands I thought I could trust, like Alba Botanica and Burt’s Bees, were killing the rainforest. The article I skimmed quickly said something about avoiding any products and brands that use palm oil because it is not being sustainably harvested.

I also found several articles about how many natural brands, like Burt’s Bees and Tom’s of Maine, have been bought out by large corporations and you can’t really trust them. *


So there I was, in the middle of Target, wanting to find products that were good for me AND good for the environment, but feeling hopeless. Who could I trust? Was there a way to find good products without all the headache? Without almost crying in the middle of Target?

Was there a way to find good products without all the headache?

I am happy to say that I survived that Target run and the next. 🙂 While this blog has come out of a whole slew of experiences, that mini-meltdown stands out in my mind. Since then, I have done a lot of research and found many beauty products that are genuinely GOOD and WORK.

I would love to share these products with you, as well as the things I look for and what to avoid when shopping. On top of products, I will also share some of the ways that I am striving to be environmentally friendly with my beauty and hygiene routines and some great blogs or articles that have helped or inspired me.  I also can’t wait to hear from you! This space is a great place to share and educate each other.

Welcome to the adventure,



* A blog with a healthy perspective and good information on natural companies that have been bought out by large corporations: 

One thought on “Beauty

  1. I am so excited to learn from you! I have a desire to be a more intentional consumer, but was overwhelmed with where to start! I trust you and know you have put so much of your time, energy, and passion into learning more about how to be an ethical and conscious consumer. Your hard work and stories will make a huge difference in my shopping habits.


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