“Who makes my sheets?”
“How much plastic do I use and waste in my kitchen?”
“Are these cleaning products actually healthy?”

These are some of the most recent questions I have been asking myself. Let me be clear: becoming a conscious consumer is a process! I have been exploring this lifestyle for a few years, and I am just starting to get to this category.

I recommend picking one thing to start with. Make changes little by little, rather than trying to change everything in one fell swoop. I started with clothing, then moved on to beauty products, and then shoes, etc. It didn’t happen in one clean line either. Living this type of lifestyle is not easy so don’t overwhelm yourself, give yourself lots of grace, and remember it’s all about love. So love yourself in the process!

I am just starting to explore the world of ethically made home accessories, healthy cleaning products, and a waste-free kitchen (to name a few). So this is where I will be sharing about that part of my journey.

I can’t wait for you to come along and share your findings with me!

Lots of love,



*Photos from Life Without Plastic and Dignify

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